Presentation of the project at the IMAS/ NMAS
16 November, 2017

Presentation of the project at the IMAS/ NMAS

Director of CROMAC-CTDT Ltd, Mr. Nikola Pavković presented the project "Biological Method (Bees) for Explosive Detection" during IMAS/ NMAS Technical working group meeting for animal detection systems in survey and clearance. It was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 14-16 November 2017, organized by GICHD and Norwegian People's Aid. 

Mr. Pavković presented the innovative method (Bees) for the detection of legacy landmines and three different techniques: training honeybees for explosive detection, polymer films as an explosive sensor, and honeybees imaging over the landmines. Two main methods will be used with the trained honeybee colonies: the passive and the active method.

The project is financed by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme.

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