Project presented at 15th International Symposium
13 April, 2018

Project presented at 15th International Symposium "Mine Action 2018.“ in Croatia

The 15th International Symposium "Mine Action 2018.“ was held in Slano near Dubrovnik, organized by Croatian Mine Action Center, CROMAC Center for Testing, Development and Training Ltd. and Government Office for Mine Action. The partner-country was Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year's Symposium was attended by 170 participants from 31 countries (Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Israel, Colombia, Malta, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russian Federation and others).

The symposium enabled the exchange of many experiences and presented new technical developments in mine action.

Project „Biological method (Bees) for explosive detection“  was presented through conference papers and power point presentations (Nikola Kezić and co-authors; Bees for Explosive Detection, Ratko Pilipović and co-authors; Honeybee video tracking for explosive detection, JME Glackin and co-authors; Improved organic semiconductor explosive sensors for application on minefields.  Also, the project is presented to participants through leaflets, roll-up and paper blocks, supported by the NATO Science for Piece and Security Programme.

Book of papers you can find on https://www.ctro.hr/en/news/364-odrzan-simpozij-protuminsko-djelovanje-2018

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