Test recording on Borongaj campus
20 March, 2018

Test recording on Borongaj campus

On 14th March 2018, the project partners had a meeting in premisses of HCR-CTRO (NPD) and test recording on Borongaj campus in Zagreb. The following persons were present:  Nikola Pavković, Josipa Bogunović (HCR-CTRO), Mario Muštra, Tomislav Radišić and Dario Petrec (UNIZG), Zdenka Babić, Aleksej Avramović and Vedran Jovanović (UNIBL), and Nikola Kezić as Advisor.

During the meeting,  the recording procedure and equipment requirements for individual teams were defined and agreed, in order that Mario Muštra (UNIZG) obtain the best recording equipment.

Due to the cold weather and the advent of the year, shooting was difficult due to the small number of bees flying around the hive, but despite this, a 15-minute video was taken using DJI Inspire 1 equipped with DJI Zenmuse X5R. The recorded video will assist in further testing and preparation for testing at the Cerovac and Benkovac sites according to the plan of the project.

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