RTK GPS upgrade of developed UAVs
24 January, 2020

RTK GPS upgrade of developed UAVs

During 2019, a project partner from Zagreb -  Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, implemented RTK GPS upgrade to the developed UAVs and successfully tested autonomous flying capabilities.
RTK base stations were used to measure absolute accuracy on both test minefields where further experiments are planned to be carried out, Cerovac and Benkovac.
To achieve higher reliability, constructed UAVs were upgraded with multi-battery capability and current sensors to provide telemetry data of battery status and real-time current metering to avoid possible crashes caused by battery or connector failures.
Currently they are developing a smaller high-end thermal camera suitable for DSLR-sized gimbals, which will be used in combination with standard RGB camera.
This system will allow capturing of the same area at the same time with cameras sensing different bands of electromagnetic spectrum.


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